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The Chinese Restaurant at Gloria Hotel is certainly the most select among the many that exist in Maputo. In addition to the common area, it has 14 private rooms and two karaoke spaces with capacity for 50 and 60 people, respectively. With Hui, Yue and Chuan cuisine, the restaurant offers more of an experience than a simple meal. The dishes come with photographs on the menu and have such seductive names as Garoupa Deliciosa (steamed with soy sauce), or Sour Sour and Picante (with chilli and tofu). The usual spring rolls are there, plus the Chinese pasta and this or that rice. But also some delicacies from those who know the real Chinese cuisine such as dumplings and steamed bread with egg filling. Surprisingly, most of the ingredients are of local origin; only a few more selected have to be imported from China.

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The Guigus Restaurante is a restaurant of contemporary quality food that is open 24 hours a day every day of the year, and has a simple, tasteful decor with a tropical touch..

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Marisqueira is located in one of the most visited places in the city of Maputo, Hotel Gloria AFECC which is located along the coastal area and next to the Joaquim Chissano International Convention Center with a 5-star geographical location. Gloria Hotel is facing the sea, a beautiful space, spacious and, at the same time intimate, full of refinement, with large doors and windows from where you can enjoy a view of the sea. A festival of culture between flavors, a space with several restaurants from the continental, buffet with typical dishes and in this way the perfect frame for the new concept is born, the restaurant “MARISQUEIRA DO INDICO” a tour through the specialized slogan of Mozambique THE PEARL OF INDIC in seafood that quickly became a reference in the market, thanks to the freshness of the product and quality of service.

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